Monday, September 21, 2009

The Big Corn Harvest

I feel like I have been buying, picking, and processing food for weeks now...because I really have been.  Here are some photos of what I've been up to.  The Big Kahuna was the 70 dozen ears of corn that my friend and I bought for .75 cents per dozen at the Amish Auction.  I don't think you'd find a better deal than that anywhere.  We either sold it or processed it all and now I think we will have corn for the next couple years...for every meal.  One recipe I used was an old pioneer recipe for drying creamed corn so it doesn't have to be canned or frozen.  I think it turned out way better than the blanched and frozen kind, but took a lot longer to process, as everything did back then.

Dried Creamed Corn

Put 16 cups of corn and milk from the cobs(you scrape the cobs after you cut the kernals off to get the milk) into a large saucepan with a half cup of cream,  6 Tbs of sugar and 4 Tbs of salt.  cook on high, sturing constantly for 20 minutes.  Pour mixture onto cookie sheets one layer thick and put into oven and slowly bake to dry.  I increased the heat to dry it faster and mine got roasted a little bit, which I think will taste fabulous when served.  After it's looking really dried, transfer the corn to paper lunch sacks and let hang in the driest room in the house until the corn shakes freely in the bag.  Pour into glass jars and keep tightly closed.  Serve by heating corn up with some milk on the stove.  I am going to make a corn soup or chowder with it. 


Thayer said...

This picture of you in front of all the corn really makes me smile, Amelia, it's so you! Some people are most happy when they meet their favorite celebrity, when they're at the beach, on opening night of a movie premier; you, you're happiest when you get 70 dozen ears of corn and can fit it in your car ;) Way to go sista!

Sarah said...

That is a funny comment. So true. Love it. And I never knew that's where creamed corn came from.

sbt said...

That sounds delicious Amelia! I think I might pick some corn up at the farmers market this weekend to try it!