Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Georgie's Cherries

Kids in front of the tree with the pie

Many of you know that when our son died we planted a sour cherry tree in our yard to remember him by.  We planted it in the early early spring and it was not expected to have cherries on it that year but it totally did.  We had enough cherries to make one pie for the previous two years and now this year our sour cherry tree produced enough cherries for TWO cherry pies.  We made this one and have quite a few more frozen in our freezer for one more.  Henry also enjoyed picking many of them and sharing them with his friends.  I think we may have had enough for three pies but the bugs, birds, and babies got to them first!
Close up of pie in my new bakeware pan.  Thanks Gammie!

We love everything about our sour cherry tree...the million blossoms in the spring, watching the little cherries ripen and seeing all the red cherries plump up.  They are very tart to eat right off the tree, but it reminds us of Georgie and the pain we still feel with his absence, but then we whip them up into a delicious pie and it turns into our most favorite desert.  I am grateful for his presence in our lives and we think of him daily and we will always remember him every time we see a sour cherry tree and are reminded of how sweet our reunion will be when we taste our delicious pie. 

The pie in front of the tree.  See all the cherries left over?

Bea snacking on the cherries on the lower branches.

Thought this was a cute shot.  We love our cherry tree.