Friday, January 8, 2010

Culinary Adventures of the Holidays

I spent so much time cooking over the holidays I hardly had time for anything else (like blog about it!).  Here is a glimpse of what I was up to...

I wish I made this gingerbread house

 This was the one we made.  This one alone cost me about $20 of candy which we never end up eating.  It's a total waste of money but it's tradition, right? The best thing about this one is that the candy was so stuck on it that Henry wasn't able to pry of many pieces so that means less candy consumption!
 These are some of the quick and easy cookies I made.  These took almost no time compared to...
 These ones.  These are my ornaments covered in royal icing.  I just love how they turned out
 Bea kept pulling the letters off but they were so hard that she couldn't even break off even one single piece! lol! A few sprinkles would make their way into her mouth but no bites of cookies
 And here I am...the Stepford wife.  Well, not really.  Next year I will make one who hasn't showered in a few days, has hairy legs and pigtails.  That's more like me. lol!
 This candycane is spearmint
 This one was peppermint
 Mmmmm, butterscotch. 
 Can you see the candycane in her hair? That one was rootbeer.  I actually really liked her hairstyle in this photo.  It's so modern.  That's my fashionable baby!
 This is my chocolate nativity I make every year. I had to wait until I got more chocolate to make the manger though and when I finished it I found it like this...
 (See the missing heads?)  I ended up only eating the manger since it seemed wrong to eat anyone else, especially the baby Jesus(even though there was already a bubble hole where his face should have been.  I'll be more careful next time.)
This is what Bea looked like after giving her just a couple pieces of chocolate.  How does she make such a mess? Only Henry knows.

It's still refreshing to know that my kids would rather eat fresh raspberries from the garden...
And here's Bea eating raw Brussels sprouts which package she ravagingly ripped open to get a bite.  That's my girl.