Saturday, July 25, 2009

First Tomatoes

Henry and I picked the first ripe yellow pear tomato yesterday and a couple of tiny spoon tomatoes that were also ripe. I can only tell you that they were DIVINE! The one sad thing is that our pineapple heirloom tomatoes are all suffering from bottom end rot. I really dislike the weather here that causes this sickness. It's like rain for three weeks and then dry for three weeks, on and off, all summer. That is NOT good for tomato plants.
This plant has probably a few thousand flowers on it. I don't know how it will support all the tomatoes but I hope they all survive.
Here are the tomatoes at the bottom ready to ripen. We should get an excellent crop from just this one plant. I believe this is the Isis Candy Cherry plant. We'll see:)

These are from the spoon tomato plant. You can't really tell but these tomatoes are about as big as peas and that's as big as they get. We ate some that were almost ripe courtesy of Henry and they were pretty acidic. I hope they get sweeter when they're fully ripe. There are also tons of tomatoes on this plant, which is my largest one of all.

These are the green pineapple heirloom tomatoes. I LOVE how gnarly the bottoms of these tomatoes are and check out the coloring! When ripe they will be yellow with green stripes. I wonder why my other pineapple heirlooms got rot and these didn't. I might have to order new seeds next year instead of propagate my own to get rid of any disease.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Crepe Mountain

I had a few dozen left over eggs that might have gone bad so I decided to make a giant stack of crepes and freeze them since I read they freeze really well. It took me the better part of the day but we've been enjoying them so much. I ground my own whole wheat pastry flower for the crepes which makes them just as light and fluffy as the white flour ones and we fill them with fresh berries, whipping cream and real maple syrup. We also make cheese crepes and pizza crepes. Any of you have any other good savory crepe filling recipes?

End of Berry Season

I have been picking berries for the past month and now my 9 cubic foot freezer is almost completely filled with nothing but berries. We're about half way done with our winter stocking. I still need to go pepper picking, get peaches to can and freeze, and buy a bushel of basil. I'm really worried though because it's been raining every day and has been cool this whole month and that's not good for most fruit, especially my tomatoes! Most of mine are late season crop plants so I might not get many at all. We'll have to see!

What we do with our berries. We get about a pint every day from our own bushes.

REAL strawberries from the pick-you-own farm. These are delicious and organic too!

I think we bought about 30 lbs total.

This gives you an idea of how big our white raspberries are. They fit on my thumb and my thumb aint small, people.

A mixture of berries. They black are from the farm and the white and red are mine.