Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas Craziness

So if you've wondered if I'd fallen off the face of the earth, you're wrong.  I have been devoting all my evenings to Christmas crafts, which I should actually be doing right now, and I've been cooking up a storm.  So far Henry and I have made a huge gingerbread house, which I let him eat pretty much all day long.  Funny thing is that the candies are so stuck on it that he can hardly chip anything off and it takes him FOREVER to get his favorite candies off.  We then made gingerbread ornaments and cookies for eating which we pretty much gave all away.  Yesterday I got together with some friends and made candy canes and chocolate dipped pretzels rolled in toasted coconut and other goodies, which we already gave away, and in-between that I've been making ABC quiet books for both Henry and Bea.   We've accomplished all this in just about one week.  

Can I just tell you about my day yesterday? Well I got up, got ready, did laundry, cleaned the house and made bread by about 10am, then my friend Trixie came over to make candy canes.  We both burned our hands and bodies while working with the hot sugar but it was worth it.  They are so beautiful and really tasty. Then we had a couple other friends come over and made chocolate covered pretzels and another couple batches of candy canes.  During this whole fiasco we had three boys running around screaming and Bea basically just wandered around the house looking for food all day.  I don't think Henry had anything but candy canes to eat all day long.  So bad.  At 5:30 I hopped in the car, picked up one of my Young Women for our activity and we made Christmas baskets for non-members and went around singing Christmas carols, delivering them to neighbors and friends.  Each girl made something to put in the basket along with Books of Mormon with testimonies in them and the Joy to the World DVD.  They were really beautiful and we had a blast delivering them.  After the activity I went to a friend's house to pick up some more canning jars she was getting rid of along with some camping equipment and then I finally arrived home, spend a little time with Justin, cleaned my kitchen, worked on my ABC books until I heard Bea crying around midnight(I think she was starving) so I fed her something and put her to bed.  I finally crawled into bed around 1am.

Basically I'm starting to get exhausted....but there's still so much to do! Is it totally wacko that I really love living like this? I felt so fulfilled when I went to bed.