Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cherry Pie with leaves crust

Henry and I had a blast making this real sour cherry pie.  I just realized that I only have two frozen packs of cherries left to make pies out of:(  Good thing cherry season is right around the corner!  This cherry pie is my usual recipe from Bon Appetit with a full Meyer lemon zest in it along with Meyer lemon juice.  The flavor was incredible and this pie turned out better than usual with no super runny middle.  My crust did get a little drowned in overflow from the sides but the good thing about a pie is that it never has to look good to taste good! I used some stamps that Justin got for me at William's Sonoma to make all the leaves.  I just love the effect.  I think I'll make one for this weekend for my friend Christi when she comes up to visit.