Friday, May 28, 2010

Arugula Rocket

Justin is obsessed with Arugula.  I grew a bunch in planter boxes this year and it is doing great.  We have been eating bruschetta (officially pronounced bru-SKET-ta in case you were wondering) any time we can.  Justin toasts the bread either in the toaster or over the grill, then we lightly rub a clove of garlic over one side, drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle with kosher salt and then add toppings.  Our favorite is parmigiano cheese and arugula on top.  Sounds really simple but it's pretty incredible, especially if you get good bread. 

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Friday, May 21, 2010

Bum Bananas

How could I be so bad at updating this blog? So sorry people. 

So we've had some banana drama and I wanted to ask you all if you've ever experienced this.....I bought a bunch of very green bananas two weeks ago.  Usually they ripen in a few days and occasionally they stay green but get brown spots and they're still ripe but just look green.  This time, however, the bananas never ripened.  I had them for almost two weeks and before I threw what was left of them into the garbage, I tried to open it and it was just like the first day, hard as a rock and unpeelable.  Henry was crying for bananas for two weeks and every day I assured him that they would be ripe soon and they NEVER matured one bit.  I wish I had the patience to just let them sit to see if they would ripen over a month or two, but with the impending baby I couldn't waste the time.  Has this ever happened to any of you?

So, then I went to the store for more bananas and what do you know, they're all over ripe.  I finally found a decent bunch of bananas that had a tiny bit of green left on the stem and would have to be eaten in two days or less but I thought we would all devour them quickly since we'd been depriving ourselves.  While I was at ALDI (our favorite discount grocery store that makes you pay for a cart and bags, or bring your own) Henry had to go poop, Bea had a meltdown and Henry was picking hot peppers off the plants for sale and trying to feed them to Bea.  During the fiasco I forgot to buy bags and I didn't have any in the car.I decided that I could get home without bags so I loaded everything, loose, in the back of my car and drove home, hearing the watermelons rolling around and back and forth with every turn.  I guess I wasn't careful with where I put the bananas because the two watermelons found their way to where the bananas were and slightly squished them, but not enough for me to notice until yesterday when I went to finally eat a nice ripe banana and it was like a banana peel filled with baby food.  Not one of them was acceptable to eat.  Justin later told me that he tried to peel one and it just fell over limp.

So we went from the most rock solid bananas to complete mush.  How could it be so hard to get a decent banana and how else do I eat all my nutella? Please, let me find good bananas tomorrow at Costco.