Saturday, June 13, 2009

Did I really beat Justin?

Yes, it's true. I beat Justin for once in my life in the Yellow Creek Triathlon. And it was by 5 minutes. I also won third place in my division. Woo hoo! I'm not sure how well I did overall though. Justin and I are planning on doing a couple more of these this summer and maybe some other races. It's hard to find races that aren't on Sundays but we have a couple more in mind. My hair tie broke after the bike portion so that's why my hair looks like a lion's main. haha. So the swim is a half mile, the bike is 9.5 miles and the run is 3.5 miles and I finished it in one hour and 23 minutes and Justin in an hour and 28 minutes. There were Amish children out on their porches watching us go by on our bikes, beautiful farms everywhere, and it wasn't even very hot. The lake was pretty warm, but there was seaweed or lakeweed? tickling our bodies the entire way. Justin was pretty freaked out by it, but I didn't mind so much. Overall it was really fun and I love doing things together! I love you baby, and Happy Birthday!