Sunday, August 30, 2009

What the Gourd?

Our compost pile is the home of most of our most amazing plants. The things growing out of it are gigantic and when we saw the vines we were excited to find out what they were and how much bounty we would get from the surprise. Were they Pumpkins? Cantaloupes? Squash? Watermelons? Alas we were wrong. They are all gourds. Gourds?? What is a gourd good for? You can't even eat the blasted things!! Ugh.
There are at least 20 little gourds growing rampant in our garden. What a waste of space. Well, at least I didn't have to water them and I won't have to spend $5 on new gourds this year for my Autumn display. I don't even remember throwing gourds away in there and how 'come no squash grew? There must be hundreds of seeds down there. We did get some cantaloupe but the vines died early since I think they were too crowded and I heard they're particular about their space. I guess the gourds needed it all.


Thayer said...

You could make a wreath with all those gourds, they really look cool (

sbt said...

At least they're beautiful Amelia!

Danae said...

Amelia - I miss you! Your produce is once again AMAZING! Did you grow sugar snap peas again? Your children are SO sweet. I can't believe how big Henry is getting and I want to kiss Bea all over!