Friday, June 25, 2010

Favorite new treat...Kale?

Yes, I said it.  Kale is my favorite new treat.  I have been getting all sorts of strange things in my CSA(community supported agriculture) box that I have had to find new recipes for and I was really afraid I wouldn't find a good recipe for my giant bunch of kale.  I looked up a recipe online and this one got four stars and I totally agree.  My kids were eating these and Bea was asking for "mo' mo' mo'!"

Kale Chips

Cut the stems out of the kale and cut the leafy part up into bite sized pieces,
Lightly coat the kale in olive oil and spread them out on a few cookie sheets.  Don't pile too much on one sheet.
Sprinkle with seasoned salt or any herb/salt mixture you like.
Bake in an oven at 350 for ten to fifteen minutes until crispy but not burned.  Watch them carefully!
Enjoy! And you will.  I promise.

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Thayer said...

sounds yummy, we've become big fans of chard this year but haven't gotten far with kale...Did you not do a big garden this year? I was hoping with a nice garden I wouldn't need a CSA.