Friday, April 17, 2009

500 heirloom tomato plants anyone? and not quite mozzarella

I have 500 heirloom tomato plants growing in my basement. I hope no one looks in the egress window and thinks it's something that shouldn't be growing down there. I also tried making my own mozzarella the other day and it turned out more like cream cheese, but it's the tastiest and most expensive cream cheese ever! Making cheese with an entire gallon of whole milk makes you rethink eating so much cheese at one sitting. You only get 3/4lb of mozzarella after your pour off all the water. I can eat that in one sitting, but would I ever dream of drinking a gallon of whole milk? NEVER!, but now I know it contains the same amount of fat so I might as well. Ech.

My cheese wouldn't form a thick curd even though I followed the directions exactly and so it wouldn't stretch when I melted it. I poured it into an unappetizing ziplock container and we've been eating it with crackers all day. Bea loves it melted all over her baby food. It's all organic too! Yea for organic cheese.

Also, Here's a photo of a chocolate mold I forgot to take a photo of. It's a 3D bunny pulling an egg cart. The inside of the cart is hollow and we filled it with other chocolates we made. So darling:)


Danae said...

Amelia - I miss you! Your tomatoes plants look beautiful. I love your blog. I can't believe how big your kids are getting, too. Little Bea is precious and I want to kiss her cheeks! I have watched Michael Chiarello make mozzarella and have wanted to try it ever since. Delicious! Thanks for the notes!
p.s. I have read The Secret.... ;)

Simone said...

Amelia- I'm so sad. I forgot when you told me to slowly introduce my tomatoes to the sun, and I planted them outside. My spoon tomatoes are a gonner, and possibly my chocolate stripes. Do you happen to have anymore that you could care for me and I could get in June? I know you gave a bunch away at church.