Friday, May 8, 2009

Main stream FINALLY catching up with "alternative" nutrtiton claims

So I read in my Bon Appetite this month that science has all of a sudden "discovered" that many of the foods that the main stream media told us were bad for you are actually very, very good for you. They call the list THE TERRIFIC TEN and they are...

1 Bacon
2 Whole Milk
3 Pine Nuts
4 Duck Breast
5 Watercress
6 Cannellini beans
7 Leeks
8 Anchovies
9 Fresh Strawberries
10 Buckwheat

Okay, so many of the things on this list are already known to be good for you, but I bet you don't know why and I encourage you to read this article. The studies' findings are very interesting. BACON, for example has mostly monounsaturated fat and oleic acid which is just like olive oil and you know what that does? It LOWERS BAD CHOLESTEROL LEVELS! Also whole milk helps the absorbtion of the vitamins already present in whole, real milk (what a surprise that the vitamin supplements added to skim milk aren't absorbed very well into the body). They studied women who ate full fat cheeses and milk and discovered that they gained less weight over their lifetime. I'm sure you have also heard that drinking non-fat or low fat dairy products makes many women have fertility issues, while whole milk fat products actually boosts fertility. So you ladies out there, try whole milk and whole milk products on for size and you will be doing your body some good.

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jiners said...

nice- I will need to read it!